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Everyone in Channel vs Everyone in Thread

When you post a comment, you have the option to select who to notify. The top two options that appear in the notification menu are Everyone in Channel and Everyone in Thread. Below, we explain these options and list a few good ways to use them.

Everyone in Channel

Selecting Everyone in Channel will send the comment to the Inbox of every member of the channel. This includes people who may not currently be in a thread (if the message is posted after the thread has been created).

💡 This is good for updates that affect everyone in the Channel, like a service outage posted to the company-wide channel.

Everyone in Thread

Selecting Everyone in Thread will send the comment to the Inbox of every follower of a specific thread. Since threads are created with a unique audience in mind, you’ll probably use this option more often than Everyone in Channel.

💡 This option is useful for when you want to ask those inside the thread for a final decision or ask everyone for feedback about the topic of the thread.