How to format a comment or message

The Twist composer is currently not available on mobile devices or in the macOS app. Sorry about that! Instead, you can format your comments or messages by using Markdown.

Use our handy composer to create compelling, well thought-out, and easy to understand posts and messages!

If you want to check what your post will look like before posting, click Preview in the top of the composer.


If you're not completely sure what the icons at the bottom of the composer do, make sure to check out the overview below (and click the links to learn even more!):

Guide to using the Twist composer

make your text bold make your text italic
make your text strikethrough

heading 1

heading 2


add code

add a link

add an image inline 
  • bulleted list
  1. numbered list

emoji.png attach a file to your post
emjomi2.png add emoji to your post at.png mention another user in your post

Using Markdown in Twist

If you would like to edit your post directly within the text, you can also use markdown syntax. If you’re unfamiliar with markdown, you can learn it in 60 seconds at CommonMark.









# Heading 1


## Heading 2


* One

* Two

* Three

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

1. One 

2. Two

3. Three

1. One

2. Two

3. Three

> quote


![Image caption](





code block