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Add emoji

Add some emoji to your post as a way to help you express a feeling along with your written text (or to simply add a bit of flair) 😊

How to add Emoji to a post

Use Twist's own emoji picker by clicking the emjomi2.pngemoji icon.


  • On Windows 10, press the Windows Key + semicolon or period (this depends on your keyboard) to bring up an emoji list.
  • On macOS, CTRL + + Space brings up an emoji list.
  • If you're on mobile, you can use your keyboard emoji settings to insert an emoji 🤳
  • Finally, if you're desperate, you can copy and paste emoji from getemoji.com.

If you're using Twist on Windows or the web, you can use our composer to format your post (bold, italics, bullet points, hyperlinks, add images inline, etc.). If you're using Twist on mobile or macOS, you can use Markdown to format your post.