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Who can see my thread?

When you create a thread, it’s important to know who can and can’t see it.

Here’s how you can make sure to loop relevant team members into the right threads, and ensure that you notify only the right people from your team’s different channels.

  • When you create a thread, select the team member(s) and/or group(s) who you want to notify. They are now followers of the thread. Followers will immediately receive the new thread in their Inbox and, each time the thread is updated, it will appear in their Inbox.
  • If a thread follower writes a comment on the thread and notifies any other team member within the channel, that member will also become a thread follower.
  • Team members who are part of the same channel as your thread will be able to see it when they browse the channel. However, they are not followers and will not receive updates.
If someone joins a channel, they will be able to see all past threads in that channel, even the ones that were created before they joined the channel.