Notify team members or groups

There are times when you want to post a comment and notify everyone who replied or reacted to the thread, but there are other times when you write a comment only directed at a few people. In those cases, you can choose to notify only the specific team members or groups you choose.

To keep communication effective in Twist, it’s best to only notify people who are relevant to a given discussion. Avoid the instinct to over-notify, as that will clutter people’s Inboxes with updates that aren't always relevant to them.

Notify specific team members or groups

Whenever you create a thread or comment, you can simply select the individual or group's name from the list to notify them. When you notify them, your new comment will show up in their Inbox as unread.

Here's how:

  1. When writing a comment or message, click or tap the tag field above your message.
  2. You can now search for who you wish to notify. You can either search for a specific team member's name or you can search for a group (like Support or Marketing).
  3. Select your team member or group to add them to your tag field. You can add several team members or groups to your tag field.


When you reply to a thread and notify only specific members, anybody in the thread or channel can see your post, but only the notified members will receive an update in their Inbox.

How notifying works

Let’s say you want to check in with a designer about the new icon she’s using. You can post a comment in your Design discussion thread, and choose to notify only her. Your comment will be posted to the thread and it will be sent to her Inbox.

Other members in the thread will not be notified about your comment, but they will be able to see it when they revisit the thread later. By only notifying the designer, you avoided overloading their Inboxes with notifications that are not pertinent to them specifically.

You can also notify a group. When you post a comment and notify a group, only the people in the group will be notified as opposed to everyone in the thread. In the example above, you could also notify the Brand Designers group and the comment would be sent to each of their Inboxes.

You can also notify everyone in the channel or everyone who replied or reacted, which is useful for larger points within a discussion.