What are channels?

Channels organize your team’s threads around broad topics like team, project, location, or area of interest. They make it easier for teams to browse and find the information they need.

When starting out with Twist, browse and join the channels that are relevant to you. If you don’t see a channel for your project or team, you can create a new one and invite the relevant people.

Channels can be public or private. Public channels are visible to everyone, and private channels will only be visible to invited team members.

A channel in action


  1. Channel list.
  2. Individual channels. Select any of these to open a channel.
  3. Title of the channel.
  4. Channel description. You'll also be able to see whether a channel is public or private here.
  5. Channel members.
  6. Option to create a new thread within the channel.
  7. The three dots icon. Click this icon to get access to several options, including Edit channel, Add members, and Leave channel.
  8. List of threads in the channel.

Organizing your channels

You can organize channels however you like:

  • By team (i.e. #Marketing, #Sales)
  • By project (i.e. #New Website, #New Client)
  • By time period (i.e. #Q1 2017, #Summer 2018)
Every Twist team has a default channel, which your team can use for whatever purpose suits you best.  Read more about general channels and general messages.

Learn more about how to use channels

When you invite a guest to a channel, they can only see the threads and users in that channel.