What are groups?

A group organizes team members together so that you can communicate with them more easily.

If you often work with the same team members, create a group and add your teammates to it. You’ll then be able to update the group in a new thread or comment by simply typing out the group name when you’re selecting who to notify.

Take a look at how groups work below:


  1. Add a group icon
  2. List of groups
  3. Selected group
  4. List of group members
  5. Selected user
  6. User information

Using groups

You can organize your groups in all sorts of ways including:

  • By team (i.e. Sales, Development, Support)
  • By location (i.e. Europe, America, Asia)
  • By project (i.e. New Blog, Event Planning)
  • By topic (i.e. Apple fans, Brainstorming group)