Twist keyboard shortcuts

General shortcuts

While using Twist, tap the ? key to see an overview of available keyboard shortcuts.
Action mac Windows/Linux
Open thread of direct message   Enter Enter
Go back Esc Esc
Next thread J or J or
Previous thread K or K or
Next comment (in a thread) N or N or
Previous comment (in a thread) P or P or
Next direct message J J
Previous direct message K K
Next comment (in a direct message) N N
Previous comment (in a direct message) P


Next sidebar ⌥ ↓ Alt ↓
Previous sidebar ⌥ ↑ Alt ↑
Undo action Z Z
Zoom in ⌘ = CTRL =
Zoom out ⌘ - CTRL -
Default zoom ⌘ 0 CTRL 0

Navigational shortcuts

Action mac Windows/Linux
Open search   / /
Go to inbox G then i G then i
Go to done G then E G then E
Go to saved G then S G then S
Go to messages G then M G then M
Go to channel browser G then C G then C
Open settings O then S O then S
Open shortcuts overview ? ?


Action mac Windows/Linux
Mark done  E E
Mark done + go to next thread ⌘ ⇧ E Ctrl ⇧ E
Mark not done ⇧ E ⇧ E


Action mac Windows/Linux
Compose a thread   C C
Reply/Reopen R R
Save or unsave S S
Mark read or unread U U
Mute or unmute ⇧ M ⇧ M
Close # #
Move V V
Pin or unpin ⇧ P ⇧ P
Add to Todoist ⇧ A ⇧ A


Action mac Windows/Linux
Reply  R R
Mark read or unread U U
Mute or unmute ⇧ M ⇧ M
Add to Todoist ⇧ A ⇧ A

Comments and messages

Action mac Windows/Linux
Mark unread from specific comment or message  ⇧ U ⇧ U
React + +
Edit ⌘ E F2
Delete ⌘ ⌫ ⇧ Delete
Copy text ⌘ C Ctrl C
Add to Todoist ⇧ A ⇧ A


You can use the below shortcuts while composing a comment or message:

Action mac Windows/Linux
Quick actions / /
Reference channel # #
Reference thread + +
Mention people @ @
Add a new line Enter Enter
Post/send Enter Ctrl Enter


You can format a piece of text by first highlighting it and then using one (or several) of the shortcuts below:

Action mac Windows/Linux
Make text bold ⌘ B Ctrl B
Make text italic ⌘ I Ctrl I
Strikethrough X Ctrl X
Hyperlink ⌘ K Ctrl K
Header 1  1 Ctrl  1
Header 2  2 Ctrl  2
Numbered list  7 Ctrl  7
Bulleted list  8 Ctrl  8
Inline code  C Ctrl  C
Undo format  Z Ctrl Z
Redo format  Z Ctrl  Z