When to use threads vs messages

When working with your team there are situations where threads are more effective than messages, and vice versa. Here are some tips on when to use each.

Threads Messages
When should I use Threads? When should I use Messages?
  • Team-wide announcements
  • Sharing big-picture, strategic ideas
  • Project updates
  • Decision making conversations
  • Conversations that may need extra people later on
  • Long term discussions
  • Quickly hash things out
  • Ask a quick question
  • Get fast feedback from a small group
  • Congratulate a teammate
  • To send fun, social notes
  • Private conversations

Why should I use Threads?

Why should I use Messages?

  • Return to full, contextual conversations whether it’s 10 minutes, 2 days, or 2 weeks later
  • They’re on the record so others can stay tuned and easily refer back
  • People can reply thoughtfully on their own time without getting distracted
  • Faster and more informal than emails
  • Great way to socialize with teammates
  • Conversations stay private for others, but searchable for you