How to use the general channel and general messaging

In Twist, you often need spaces where you can address the entire organization. There are two default options: general channel and general messaging.

General channel

The general channel includes everyone in the team and you can name it whatever you want—we call ours the #Doist Lounge. A general channel is useful for:

  • Larger updates that everyone needs to see.
  • Company updates.
  • Information about team-wide events.
  • Personnel changes.
  • Sharing important reading materials.
Every team has a default general channel that is created along with their team, and everyone in the team is automatically invited to it.

General messaging

General messaging is for a bit of chit chat and watercooler talk. At Doist, we use our general messages to stay in touch on a more personal level—we post things like “where in the world is Doist” photos and links to articles that we enjoyed reading over the weekend.

We also use this message to occasionally get quick 👍 👎 feedback on things, light news related to the organization like when our Twitter changed from @LifeAtDoist to @Doist, and feel-good messages that our Customer Experience team receives from our users.