Use GitHub Notifications with Twist

If you and your team are working together on GitHub, it can be useful to get updates of your teammates’ progress. That’s where connecting Twist to GitHub can improve the way you work.

By integrating Twist with GitHub, you'll be able to receive GitHub commit, branch and issue updates as comments in any Twist thread.

An example of how the integration works
  • Let’s say your canoe building company, Canoeist, has a GitHub project called Canoeist Website where you keep track of website development.
  • Canoeist also has a Twist thread called New Website Progress, where teammates discuss the website's progress.
  • There’s a new commit on GitHub. This causes a new Twist comment to automatically get created in the New Website Progress thread, containing the title and details of the commit.
  • Commit, branch and issue updates will automatically show up in the thread. This makes it easy to keep track of what everyone’s working on, directly from Twist.
At this time, only commits, issues, and pull requests are supported.

Setting up the integration

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your GitHub account and Twist account in a browser.
  2. Open Twist.
  3. Click your team icon in the top-left corner.
  4. Click Settings & members.
  5. Click Integrations.
  6. Open the Browse tab.
  7. Search for and select GitHub.
  8. (Optional) By default, the integration will only be installed for you. If you are an admin, you have the option to install the integration for your whole team. You can do this by clicking Change and then selecting your team.
  9. You will have a few options:
    • Post to Channel refers to the Twist channel that has the thread where you want to post your GitHub updates.
    • And in the following thread will be the thread where the updates will be posted.
    • Who do you want to notify? allows you to select whose Inboxes will be notified when GitHub updates are posted to the channel. The options are everyone in the channel, everyone in the thread, or a specific group.
  10. Click Install Integration.
  11. The next page will give you the specific directions on how to integrate from the GitHub site, which mainly involves copying a payload URL into GitHub.


Why am I unable to install this integration?

If you're having problems installing this integration, it may be because your admin has disabled this option in your team's security settings.