Create a Twist team

To get started with Twist, the first step is to create your team, give it a great name and then invite people to join it. It’s a fast and easy process.

Once your team is created, your team workspace is automatically created and you can get started by inviting team members to different channels so that they can start posting threads and communicating with their colleagues.

Unsure whether you need to create a new team? Read Should I create a new team or a new channel?

Here’s how to create your team and invite people to it.

  1. You can create a team from the web in two different ways:
    • If you're brand new, visit the Twist sign up page.
    • If you're logged in, click your profile photo in the top right, and select + New Team.
  2. Follow the create a team onboarding steps below.
  1. Click your profile photo in the top right, and select + New Team.
  2. Follow the create a team onboarding steps below.

When using Twist on your device for the first time, tap Create a new Team. Next, follow the create a team onboarding steps below.

Additional teams can only be created via the web, macOS, and Windows apps.

Create a team onboarding steps

  1. A window will appear asking you for Your Team name. Enter your team name in the field.
  2. Press Next: Invite my teammates.
  3. You can invite users by entering their email addresses in the Email address fields.
  4. Click Send invites to send the invites. If you want to skip this step, click Skip for now.
  5. You will now have the opportunity to create channels. Twist will recommend a few channel names, and if you want to create one, such as Marketing, you can instantly create it by clicking on Create Channel to the right.
  6. You can also create a channel of your own by clicking Create a Channel at the bottom. A text field will appear, where you can enter the channel name, and then press enter. You can add as many channels as you’d like.
  7. Click Next: Explore Threads to move on.
  8. Your Twist workspace is now created.
  9. Now, you’ll be in the General channel where you’ll see a draft of your first thread to the right. It’s an introduction post for your team to read when they join Twist. You can revise it, make any edits you’d like, and then click Post Thread in the bottom right.
  10. You’re all set! You’ve now created your first team, invited your team members, created your first channel, and posted your first thread for your team. Congrats! 🎉
  11. To get your team up and running, we suggest that you read our step-by-step guides: Getting started for team creators and What is Twist?