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Getting Started Guide for Team Creators

Thanks for taking the first step towards calmer, more productive, more organized teamwork. Twist can help your team cut through the noise and focus on doing important work, so here are some first steps to kick things off on the right foot.

Start with our welcome video to get familiar with the basics:

Welcome your team to Twist

Once you’ve created your Twist team and gone through the onboarding process, you’ll have a chance to publish an introduction thread for the rest of your team to read. Write out a personal introduction and post it.


Create channels and start threads

Create channels based on current projects your team is working on. Start a few threads your team can use to present ideas, collaborate on plans, collect feedback, and share big moments.


To ease the transition, continue an existing conversation that the team was already having elsewhere, like in a group-chat app or in email.

Invite and onboard your team

To learn how to welcome your team into Twist so it feels familiar, watch the video below:

Here are a few more tips for inviting and onboarding your team:

We hope this information helps get your team off on the right foot with Twist! 🚀 You’re one step closer to enjoying a much calmer, more organized way of working together.