Getting started for team creators

Are you inspired to have calmer, more productive, more organized teamwork? Twist can help your team cut through the noise and focus on doing important work. Here are some first steps to get started with your new Twist account.

If you've just created your team, watch our welcome video to get familiar with the basics:

First Steps

  • Create your pilot team and your account
  • Create a general channel during onboarding
  • Write an introductory thread in your general channel
  • Create and organize a few more channels, and populate them with some threads
  • Invite the rest of your team

Your pilot team

When trying a new team communication software like Twist, we suggest running a pilot with a small group with whom you work most closely. In this case, this might be a core group of teammates who have expressed their frustration with distracting chat tools.

Create a team and account

Follow the instructions here to create a team and account. Then, simply continue the onboarding process.

Create the default channel for your organization

As part of the Twist onboarding, you should have created your default channel.

Start an Introduction thread

After onboarding, you’ll have a chance to publish an introductory thread for the rest of your team to read. Write out a personal introduction, post the comment and leave a reaction on the thread.

Start a few other threads in this channel, and post a few comments and reactions so that your teammates can see what threads are like and start their own.

Create, organize, and populate a few channels

Create some channels based on current projects your team is working on. Start a few threads in each channel with conversation starters that your team can pick up and discuss. You can try continuing an existing conversation that the team was already having elsewhere, like in a group-chat app or in email. Add some comments and reactions.

Move team conversations from your current chat app or email client directly into Twist -- that way users can continue the conversation seamlessly on Twist.

Invite your team

Invite team members to Twist using email or by sharing your team link. Here are a few tips about inviting your team:

  • Write a personalized introductory email that includes the Twist invite link and share this simple onboarding checklist. To get started writing the email, we’ve prepared this handy email template.
  • Kick off a “Twist Week” where chats and emails will be replaced with threads. Reconvene with the team at the end of the week to find out how people liked it.
  • Replace a status meeting with a weekly status thread in Twist.
  • Recommend your team to download Twist for iOS, Android, Windows or macOS to stay connected wherever they are.


We hope this information helps get your team off on the right foot with Twist! You’re one step closer to enjoying a much calmer, more organized way of working together. 🚀