How to keep a thread on topic

Unlike group-chat, where you have to continually scroll up and down to sort through a series of simultaneous discussions, Twist’s threads make it easy to stay on topic. Here’s how.

Naming your Threads

The first way you can ensure a thread stays on topic is by naming it appropriately. For instance, instead of naming a thread about a blog post copy review, “Blog Post”, be more specific with “Blog Post Copy Review”, so that people know what to address in their comments.

Read a few tips about how to organize and name your channels and threads.

Outstanding Tasks

A helpful way to stay on-topic is to periodically post status updates or a list of tasks remaining to do prior to a project’s completion. For example, if you have a thread called “Trade show in Madrid” you could post an update every Monday to inform people about the preparation for the event and any pending tasks that need to be delegated.

Ask for a Solution

If you’ve started a thread with the intention of solving a problem, we suggest asking people for their solution. Let people explore various ideas, but don’t jump to choose one too quickly—give your team the time and space to discuss and comment on one another’s ideas. This is one of the major benefits of Twist—people can take the time to build on each other’s ideas in an organized, calm way. Once you find a solution that you think will work, you can make a decision.

Make a Tentative Decision

A great way to move a problem-solving thread forward is to announce the proposed decision and a timeline for discussion. For example, “We’ve made a tentative decision on the new product name, but we will wait until next Friday to make a final decision. If you’d like to propose a better option please share your ideas here!”

This will motivate your team members to brainstorm and suggest better alternatives, or agree with the proposed solution. This is a very democratic way of to make decisions—everyone gets a say and everyone is in the loop before the decision is made.​