How to replace meetings with status update threads

Weekly meetings are time-consuming. No matter how good the intention, people still end up pausing their workday to spend time in meetings that can be long and many times irrelevant.

Twist can help with that.

Instead of meetings, you can create a dedicated channel where your team members can share periodic updates. At Doist, we have a channel called #Doist Snippets, where our team members post a weekly thread detailing last week’s accomplishments, this week’s plan and any notes about issues that are blocking their progress.

This goes for every team. For instance, the Design team posts a thread named Design Snippets where each member posts their personal updates. The Product team has Product Snippets, Marketing has Marketing Snippets, and so on.

Our team leaders gently remind each member to update their snippet every week. This consistency means Doist team members can always keep a pulse on what other teams are working on.

Importantly, the snippets process gives our team the freedom to browse updates on our own schedule: We're not forced to sit through a weekly all-hands meeting. We can digest and follow up on our team’s weekly progress more calmly, at our own pace, and plan our response thoughtfully.

This approach could work for you, too. Try using snippets instead of in-person meetings for a month and ask for feedback. You might find that your team appreciates the flexibility it gives them.