Use Twist with Google Docs or Dropbox Paper

Once your team has started communicating about ideas in Twist, you’ll inevitably need to incorporate some documents into your threads—whether they’re strategic plans, product documents or blog posts. Here are a few tips for using Twist with cloud-based document management services like Google Docs or Dropbox Paper.

Discuss Edits in Documents, and Direction in Twist

Both Google Docs and Dropbox Paper offer simple and organized ways to discuss specific items within a certain document using comments. However, those spaces are not ideal for strategic direction. Let’s look at an example of a Creative Brief for more insight.

Once you’ve finished the draft of your awesome new Creative Brief in either Google Docs or Dropbox Paper, you can post the link in a new Twist thread. This way, your team can get to work making real-time edits and suggestions in the document itself, without cluttering up your Twist thread. These cloud-based document services will keep track of every change and allow you to have short discussions about finer details.

However, it’s not useful to have lengthy, in-depth discussions about the Creative Brief’s perspective, relevance or strategic value in the small comment boxes in Docs or Paper. It’s much better to do that kind of bigger thinking in Twist.

In Twist, your team can fully express their thoughts about the direction of the Creative Brief without cluttering up the document. They can share additional links and supporting documentation and loop in more people who might have relevant insight to the project. This big-picture conversation will be easily accessible later, rather than in a separate location inside Docs or Paper.

Group Links Together

When you have a lot of documents for a specific project, it can be difficult to keep them organized. Folders within Google Docs and Dropbox are useful, but conversations about several documents can get very disjointed very quickly– especially if you have documents spread across several different services.

That’s why it’s great to post a thread where you share links to all the documents related to a certain project, and discuss them all in that specific place. You can always edit the main thread and make sure all the latest links are included.

You’ll now have an easily searchable place where you can view all of the documents related to a project, as well as the conversations about them. It’s super useful when onboarding new employees.

We hope these ideas help you stay organized and productive when discussing documents in Twist! Let us know about your experience at feedback@twist.com.​