Billing FAQs

Q: What happens to my threads and messages after a month in the free version of Twist?

A: In the free version of Twist, you won’t be able to view or search for thread comments and messages older than one month. However, all your team’s data will still be safely stored on our servers –nothing will ever be deleted. If you decide to upgrade to the Unlimited plan later, you and your team will have full access to your Twist history.

Q: Will I lose my data if I downgrade from the Unlimited plan to the Free plan?

A: No, your data is never deleted from Twist. When you downgrade to the free version, your threads, comments and messages older than a month will still be saved on our servers, but you won’t be able to view or search for them. If at some point you decide to re-subscribe to the Unlimited plan, you’ll regain access to your team’s full thread and message history.

Q: What is a guest?

A: A guest is a limited team member who only has access to the specific channels to which they have been invited. A guest can be a single-channel or multi-channel guest based on how many channels they have been invited to.

Guests will not be able to view, join or post in the rest of your team’s channels. Read all about how guests work in Twist.

Q: How much does it cost to have guests on my Twist team?

A: When you're using Twist’s free plan, all guests are free. However guests in the free plan can only view threads or messages that are less than one month old (like all team members in the free plan).

When you're using the Unlimited plan, single-channel guests are free, but multi-channel guests are billed in the same way as team members. Read all about how guests work in Twist and view our Twist Unlimited pricing.

Q: We need to add new users to our team. How will that be billed?

A: When you add a new user, we'll automatically make a prorated, one-time charge to your credit card. This will cover the new team member's account for the remainder of the current billing period. After that, the full amount for an extra member will be added to your regular invoice.

Q: Can I mix free members and Unlimited members together?

A: If your team is using the Unlimited version of Twist, every member and multi-channel guest that you invite to your team is counted as a paid team member. You’ll be billed monthly for the number of members on your Twist team.

If you’d like to work with some free members, you can create a separate, free team. You can invite your members there and they will be able to use it at no cost. It’s easy to switch between multiple teams from a single Twist account.

Q: Can we use Twist for free?

A: Yes, you absolutely can use Twist for free, forever, with an unlimited number of members.
You’ll get a searchable archive with up to 1 month of your team’s most recent history, a limited number of integrations, and limited file storage.

For unlimited everything, check out Twist Unlimited.

Q: Why not have a pay for active users policy?

A: A pay for active users policy means only paying for users that are actively using your app. The problem is that accounting gets unpredictable and we are required to administrate what constitutes 'active'. 

We prefer to keep things simple, so the cost is steady for each member on the team. This way, your cost scales in a predictable way. If a member leaves or you remove a member from the team, you’ll get a pro rata of their monthly fee. If they stay, you pay their fee.

Q: Do you have enterprise pricing?

A: If you have more than 200 employees, we recommend reaching out to our customer team at We'll be happy to get you up and running.

Q: What are my payment options - credit card and/or invoicing?

A: You can use your credit card to pay for any plan. We don’t currently offer invoicing as a payment option.

Q: I already have a Twist account. Can I join another team?

A: Yes, absolutely. We let people have one user account to access many teams. When you log into your account, you get instant access to the teams you’ve joined. You don’t pay for your seat when you join a team on a paid plan. It will be reflected on your Team Owner’s invoice.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of channels/threads we can create?

A: Nope. You can create as many channels and threads as you’d like within your Twist team. There’s never an additional charge for adding more channels and threads.

Q: How many Twist teams can I create?

A: You can create as many teams as you want on both the free and Unlimited plans.

If you're on an Unlimited plan, you can have them all billed to your one main account.

Q: How does your pricing compare to other communication software?

A: We've made a strong effort to keep Twist affordable. Twist is about 16 cents a day for a user on the Unlimited plan. It's 25% less expensive than the lowest tier Slack plan. We don't plan on increasing it, either, as we aren't beholden to investors. We’d rather focus on serving our customers’ best interests first (forever).

Q: I find Twist a bit expensive. Will I get value for my money?

A: When you subscribe to Twist, you are already making one of the best investments in improving how your team operates. You’ll most probably redeem the cost per user in the first few days of the month, just by replacing a few standup meetings with status threads in Twist. Or by helping your team get into that deep work state to do their best, instead of getting distracted by endless chat and messy internal emails.

Q: Do I have to pay anything if I'm a member of a team?

A: A member does not have to pay for Twist. Payment is only done at a team level, and only the team admin who gave their credit card information is responsible for paying for a Twist team. 

You can be a member of as many teams as you'd like, and whether they're on Unlimited plans or Free plans, you don’t have to pay anything yourself.

Q: When I create a new team does it fall under the same billing account as my first team?

A: Yes. You can create as many teams as you'd like under your one Unlimited account that handles the billing for every team you manage. Each new team has its own workspace and won't be connected in any way other than billing.

Q: Do I have to pay for the same person multiple times if they are on multiple different teams?

A: Yes. You pay a set price per user, per month, per team.

For instance, if you have two teams, you will be charged for every user on the first team and every user on the second team.

You may be better off creating new channels rather than a new team.

Q: My team wants to cancel its subscription. How do we do that? Can we get a refund?

A: When you want to cancel, a Team Admin must first switch to the free account by changing your team plan.

As long as there is more than one day before your renewal, we will then prorate the remaining balance on your account and use it as a credit that you can apply to future reactivation of Twist Unlimited.

Q: What is your policy if a team member is removed mid-year? For example do you refund the unused portion of year during the next billing cycle?

A: If a team member is removed the unused portion is credited to the Team account and future charges are first deducted from that balance.

Q: I'm a macOS user, and even though I tried to purchase or renew Twist Unlimited, it doesn't seem to be applied to the account. 

A: Sometimes, the App Store doesn't properly apply a purchase or a renewal to your Twist account. To solve this, you can view your account status and click the red button that reads: Account didn't upgrade? Refresh subscription.

Q: Are there any discount programs for non-profits or educational organizations?

A: Yes, we have both. Check out our Twist for Non-profits and Twist for Education programs.