Tips for using Twist with guests, clients or contractors

Twist makes it simple to collaborate with external clients. With just a few steps, you can bring them into your workflow and let them communicate with you and your team in a clear, organized and calm way. It’s a great way to keep everything documented and to share regular updates in one central, easily accessible location.

Here are a few ways you can use Twist with your clients, contractors, or other third party collaborators.

Invite your clients as guests into a channel

Bring your clients into your Twist workspace by inviting them to a specific channel dedicated to the project that they’re working on. This way, you can create multiple threads to discuss any aspect of the client’s project. The client, who will have “guest” permissions, will only be able to interact with the rest of your team in this channel and will only have access to the information in this channel.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a new channel dedicated to the specific project you’re working on with the client.
  2. Before you invite your client, prepare your channel by starting an introduction thread that includes a warm welcome and explains how you’ll be using Twist to keep them updated on their project.
  3. Invite any other of your team members to the new channel.
  4. Invite your client to Twist using their email or via a direct link. Make sure to set their role as “Guest” and invite them to this new channel.
  5. Get started by creating additional threads for different aspects of this collaboration.

Invite your clients to a new Twist workspace

The other way to collaborate with external guests is to create a brand new Twist workspace. This works best for clients who collaborate with your team on multiple different projects. This way, you can create various channels dedicated to the client’s projects in one separate workspace. With this method, the guest will have access to all of the information in the new workspace. Here's how:

  1. Create a new Twist workspace dedicated to the client.
  2. Create different channels for each of your projects with the client.
  3. Create an introduction thread in your default channel welcoming your client and linking to the various project channels. Include a link to Getting started for new users, and let them know that if they need help, they can easily search Twist’s help center for anything they need to know.
  4. Invite any other of your team members to the team using email or a direct link.
  5. Invite the client to Twist using their email or a direct link and set their role as Member. They will have access to the entire team and all its members.
  6. That’s it! Now they’re in, and you can all easily communicate over Twist.