Should I create a new team or a new channel?

When you're figuring out how to organize your Twist workspace, you may run into a situation where you're not sure if you need to create a new channel or an entirely separate team. Before you make that decision, we'd like to share a few tips about when to create each.

Creating a new channel

If your new project involves working with all the same people who are in your current Twist team, it might be best to create a new channel instead.

For instance, if you need a private space for a certain group of people, you can create a private channel and only invite those people. If the team has multiple projects, you can create multiple threads that each notify only the relevant people. For most projects, it's more effective to create a new channel rather than creating an entirely new Twist team. This way, everything stays in one place, and you can easily include people into discussions further down the line. Read about how to organize your channels and threads for tips that'll help keep your channel effective.

Creating a new team

If you need a more robust workspace beyond the capabilities of a channel, you can create an entirely new team workspace and invite new team members.

For example, creating a separate team is useful if you are running two companies at the same time since this will require different sets of people and conversations that, most often, should not mix.

If you're on Twist Unlimited, you'll be charged for every user on your new team in addition to your first team. So if possible, try to work with channels.