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Search shortcuts

If you want to find something more specific and basic search or search with filters isn’t enough, you can use search parameters that easily allow you to search by author, date, content type and more. Here’s how to use search parameters.

How to search with parameters

  1. Open the Search tab.
  2. Use any of the following search parameters to refine your search.
    1. "Search for this" will search for that exact phrase.
    2. from:John limits your search to threads or messages from a specific member, in this case, John.
    3. to:Alex limits your search to messages or threads that notify a specific member, in this case, Alex.
    4. subject:"Apples" limits your search to threads with subject titles that include the keywords entered, such as Apples in this example.
    5. channel:Support limits your search to threads in the channel that you select, in this case, Support.
    6. in:thread or in:message limits your search to messages or threads.
    7. before:"2017/05/20" limits your search to threads or messages before this date.
    8. after:"2017/05/20" limits your search to threads or messages after this date.
  3. After you’ve typed out your parameters, click Search or press Enter.
  4. The search results will show up on the left. Click on the thread or message that you’re looking for.
  5. You’ll see the section of the thread or message where the search term appears. Read more by clicking Open Thread or Open Conversation in the bottom right.