What happens to new team members in Twist?

So you’ve created a Twist team and invited your team members either using email or a direct link. They’ve accepted and joined your Twist.

But as the team admin, you may be wondering what these new team members can see, what they can do, and where they can go. It’s essential to understand their first experience of your Twist so you can help them achieve their goals.

When a new team member joins Twist, they:

  • Join your Twist’s general channel and general messaging.
  • Are not part of any other channel until you invite them.
  • Can browse and join every public channel.
  • Can see every team member in the Team tab.
  • Can start a message with any team member.
  • Can start a thread in any public channel.
  • Can create channels and invite team members to those channels.
  • Can view history of any public channel or thread.
  • Can not view private channels they’re not invited to.
  • Are not added to all channels.
When you create a channel in Twist, team members are not automatically invited. You must invite your team members to a channel to give them access.