Saying Goodbye to Wedoist

As you may know, the time has come to say goodbye to Wedoist. Please read on to hear why we’ll no longer offer the app (since December 21, 2017).


Goodbye Wedoist. Hello Twist.

Wedoist was originally created as a solution to tackle two key areas of work in one space: task management & team communication. While we had some success in achieving this goal, we ultimately learned that these two problems require their own individual solutions. That’s why we’ve been working on developing two distinct solutions instead of combining them into one.

For task management, we have Todoist, an intuitive and efficient way for people to organize every aspect of their lives. It helps you get tasks out of your head and onto your to-do list so that you can get more things done and enjoy life along the way.

For team communication, we’ve spent several years applying our learnings as a fully remote company consisting of more than 60 people in over 20 countries to build Twist, a modern team communication tool focused on promoting transparency, mindful collaboration, and deep work.


Instead of collaborating by email and leaving important information stuck in people’s inboxes or resorting to distracting one-line-at-a-time group chat apps, Twist is designed so your team can have calm, in-depth conversations that stay neatly organized by topic. Furthermore, Twist integrates seamlessly with Todoist.


This powerful combination of team communication and task management is a huge step forward from what Wedoist has been able to provide. We’re excited to invite you to take that step by migrating to Twist.

How it works

We invite you to take some time to peruse some of Twist’s Getting Started Guides and Best practices in order to learn more about how Twist can help make a positive, productive impact on your team collaboration. We’re confident that Twist will meet your most important teamwork needs, and we’re happy to lend a hand as you transition from Wedoist.

To create a Twist account, please click the link below:

Sign up for Twist.  


Q: What is Twist?

A: Twist is a modern communication tool that helps you work in a calmer, more organized and more productive way. By using threads to communicate with your team members, your communication stays easily accessible and Twist becomes a central source of knowledge about your team activities.

Q: What happened to my Wedoist data after December 21, 2017?

A: Wedoist data was removed on December 21, 2017. 

Q: How much will Twist cost me?

A: Please read about Twist’s pricing here.