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Twist for Web Changelog

Version 1.17.198

May 19, 2021

  • ⚙️ Connecting with teammates is faster than ever with even more speed optimization.
  • 🐛 Pin a thread to the top of a channel and it’ll be there for all to see immediately.
  • 🐛 Type out the longest of comments without any issues — thanks to this bug squish.
  • 🐛 Images stay exactly where they should, instead of shifting around your threads.
  • 🐛 Star and unstar threads with multiple tabs open and Twist will keep up with you in every single tab.
  • 🐛 Tag the right people your comments, even when your list of collaborators is long. Bugs might have stopped you before, but no longer.

Version 1.17.194

May 13, 2021

  • ⚙️ Communicating in Twist is a bit faster thanks to some speed optimization.
  • 🐛 Sign in to Twist from Firefox even more rapidly. Now you can log in once and the next time your email will autocomplete.
  • 🐛 Print every last comment on your longest threads now that an anti-printer bug was squashed.

Version 1.17.176

April 22, 2021

  • 🐛 Some behind-the-scenes work to keep everything running as it should.

Version 1.17.173

April 15, 2021

  • 🐛 You can once again log in to Twist. Thank you for your patience with that extremely vexing bug.

Version 1.17.164

March 30, 2021

  • ⭐️ You can now edit the title of any thread — whether you created it or not. Fixing typos and making threads more searchable is a whole lot easier!
  • ⭐️ Editing the important parts of a channel is now in your power, too. Update the name, color, icon, description, and default groups and participants even if you’re not the channel creator. (You will have to be a member of that channel.)
  • ⭐️ Plus, move threads from channel to channel as you like. You’ll no longer have to be an admin to tidy up your workspace.
  • ⚙️ Your emoji just got a glow-up so they look 💯 on every platform!
  • ⚙️ Paste text with tabs in it and Twist will transform those tabs into spaces in order to keep everything looking perfect.
  • 🐛 Preview your PDFs directly in Twist, even while using Safari.
  • 🐛 Click into newly-created Twist channels without a hitch.
  • 🐛 And the usual little fixes to keep things running smoothly.

P.S. You will have to be a team member (and not a guest) in order to edit thread titles and channel information or move threads around at will. That’s for your team’s security!

Version 1.17.154

March 17, 2021

  • 🐛 Your starred messages will appear in your starred section as expected once again.

Version 1.17.145

March 5, 2021

  • 🐛 Didn’t find what you’re looking for on your first search page? The load more option now keeps the results coming. Of course, you can always use search filters and search shortcuts to cull that list down.
  • 🐛 Marking threads as read is more accurate, thanks to a bug squish or two.

Version 1.17.137

February 25, 2021

  • 🐛 We’ve tinkered a little to keep things running smoothly. 🏃

Version 1.17.135

February 23, 2021

  • 🐛 Nothing much to see here. A few fixes and flourishes, that’s all.

Version 1.17.130

February 18, 2021

  • 🐛 The new notification window will no longer block your view of Twist. 🤓
  • 🐛 Add every last teammate as a member of your channel if you want to — thanks to a squish of a bug stopping your selections.
  • 🐛 And send every last letter of your posts and comments — thanks to a squash of a bug leaving some words and letters behind.

Version 1.17.114

February 2, 2021

  • ⚙️ Stay up-to-date on all of Twist's latest features and bug fixes, thanks to a refreshed new version notification — you might have even seen it before you came here. 🟢
  • 🐛 Use keyboard shortcuts to mention a teammate or link to another channel or thread. Then change your mind and write something else. Then change your mind again and re-mention that teammate or link to another channel or thread. Thanks to this bug squish, that last step is entirely possible.
  • 🐛 If you found that using the shortcut / to link to other channels and threads was also deleting your text, try again. Everything should work exactly as expected.
  • 🎨 And, although hopefully you’ll never need to see them, Twist’s error messages are a bit more polished.

Version 1.17.107 

January 21, 2021

  • ⚙️ Stay up-to-date on all of Twist's latest features and bug fixes, thanks to a refreshed new version notification — you might have even seen it before you came here. 🟢
  • 🐛 We fixed all the things that needed fixing. (And even a few things that didn’t.)

Version 1.17.102

January 11, 2021

  • ⭐ If pictures are worth a thousand words, are GIFs worth a million? Click GIF in your composer to find what words can’t say.
  • 🐛 Mark a thread as unread and now Twist will … mark that thread as unread. 😅
  • 🐛 Misspelled a teammate’s name? Just delete a few letters and continue your mention, instead of having to start over from the @.
  • 🐛 Use the shortcut # to add a large header to your message without the new option to link to a channel or thread popping up.
  • 🐛 Plus, if you do link to a thread from the composer, you’ll once again see the correct timestamp in that thread you referenced.

Version 1.17.95

January 5, 2020

  • ⭐ You can now easily link to channels and threads right from your composer. Reference prior discussions, redirect conversations, or even provide inspiration by clicking the lightning bolt or typing / and searching for the relevant channel or thread.

Version 1.17.83 - December 4, 2020

  • 🎨 Tidying things up means Twist is a little easier on the eyes.
  • 🐛 Sometimes conversations mysteriously were marked read or unread. Those poltergeists have been appeased. 👻
  • 🐛 Plus the usual little behind-the-scenes bug fixes.

Version 1.17.80 - November 19, 2020

  • ⭐ Notify Everyone in Channel can be the Twist version of the dreaded Reply All email. To help turn down the volume on chatter, there's a new option to set default participants. You can choose who is auto-tagged in new threads in your channels. Simply create a new channel or edit one you already created and look for set default participants.
  • Not the creator of a channel? You now also have the power to mute any thread. Use the three dots icon to turn off all notifications and inbox unreads for only that thread. (Yes, even if you're mentioned directly.)
  • ⭐ A smarter, more efficient way to digest your inbox has arrived in beta! Try out the new For you inbox tab, which shows (you guessed it) the unread threads that are most relevant for you. Let us know how our machine learning experiment is helping your workflow.
  • 🎨 Design flourishes make the help and bell icons a bit more stylish.
  • 🐛 Plus, in a few rare cases, opening a conversation (or thread) could crash the app. No longer!

Version 1.17.72 - October 21, 2020

  • ♿️ Dropdown menus will gradually start to support keyboard navigation.
  • 🐛 Some menus weren’t fully appearing. The (partial) vanishing act is over.

Version 1.17.69 - October 15, 2020

  • 🐛 Dark mode now stays dark, even when you’re picking an emoji reaction. 😎
  • 🐛 Printed conversations are now actually legible, since text is no longer converted to white in the process.
  • 🎨 Plus, the usual style flourishes, language updates, and code upgrades.

Version 1.17.65 - September 29, 2020

  • ⭐ Put a pin in that thought — literally. You can now keep important conversations at the top of any channel by selecting a thread’s three dots icon and choosing Pin thread. 📌

  • 🎨 Design updates to help keep Twist looking tip-top.

You can pin a maximum of two threads at a time.

Version 1.17.60 - September 23, 2020

  • 🐛 Your left menu might have been weirdly visible when pop-ups were showing. No longer!
  • 🐛 And Ctrl + Enter works once again on Windows and Linux computers.

How many of our new features are you using? Find out by viewing the latest on the blog: What’s New in Twist: Faster, Clearer Communication.

Version 1.17.58 - September 21, 2020

  • ⭐️ Craft, preview, and edit messages before you send them with an all-new composer. Markdown is good, but visualizing Markdown is better.
  • ⭐️ Now you can place images exactly where you want them — right in the middle of a message if that makes sense — because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • ⭐️ Communicate instantaneously with a supercharged sync engine. Messages, reactions, and thread updates now reach your inbox in a literal blink of an eye.
  • 🎨 Visual flourishes and alignments make Twist a tad more delightful to look at.
  • 🐛 Head back into a conversation, and you’ll find yourself where you left off — instead of scrolled up into posts you’ve already seen or scrolled down past posts you missed.
  • 🐛 A bug in the composer was turning your <3 into 😘 instead of ❤️. That’s fixed to keep things a little more professional.
  • 🐛 Seeing double? You'll no longer have the same teammate in your Notify field twice.
  • 🐛 The comment composer would sometimes appear quite large. It’s now shrunk back to its original size.
  • 🐛 The Mark as read (or unread) button in a conversation was not always working as expected. Now it is!
  • And ICYMI, there are a lot of new updates this year so far. Check them out!

Version 1.17.49 - August 25, 2020

  • ⚙️ Mark a thread unread from a specific comment, instead of just the last one. Click the three dots icon next to any comment then Mark as unread. 🔵
  • ⚙️ Also, when you decide to mark a thread as unread after you open it, next time you’ll start from that same spot.
  • ⚙️ Plus, when a new comment arrives in a thread you’re reading, you won’t get scrolled all the way down to the bottom. Instead, you’ll see a little hint so you can get to the latest addition on your time.
  • ⚙️ Stay where you belong now that teammates can no longer add or remove you from channels on your profile. (But since admins have all the power, they still can.)
  • 🐛 Import past discussions from Slack or Stride once again — even if those filenames have special characters — so you can learn from history (and not be doomed repeat it).

Version 1.17.44 - August 12, 2020 

  • 🐛 Rename any thread in peace, now that a pesky bug has been eliminated.
  • 🐛 Pick an emoji in Traditional Chinese and you'll get it (and not the Simplified Chinese version).
  • 🐛 Comments stay put as you scroll through the reaction picker — as they should.
  • 🐛 Thread previews were occasionally showing HTML tags. No longer!
  • 🐛 And a few visual flourishes.

Version 1.17.36 - August 4, 2020

  • ⭐ Do you ever wish you could react to a message about competitors with 🥊? Or how about 🛶 when asked for team-building suggestions (for some non-socially-distant future)? Now you can with a completely upgraded Twist reaction picker.
  • ⭐ Add a reaction to comments and messages by searching for your favorite emoji by keyword, browsing different categories, or choosing one you recently used. 🎉
  • 🐛 The case of the missing threads is solved. Every thread should be back in your inbox as expected. 🕵️
  • 🐛 Image previews are a little more contained now that they’re not overflowing from their windows.

Version 1.17.29 - July 21, 2020

  • ✨ Tame chaotic teamwork more quickly and easily with across-the-board performance and stability improvements.
  • ⚙️ Include all stakeholders in the conversation now that you have a handy Add members option for every channel menu.
  • ⚙️ Oops! Is one of your guests in too many channels? Now admins have the ability to remove one-channel guests from additional channels to keep billing under control.
  • ⚙️ Dark mode is even deeper now that your scrollbars stay obscured as well.
  • 🐛 Log in with Google or Apple once again. That’s one less email and password combo to remember. 🔐
  • 🐛 You can copy the link to the first comment of a thread or add it to Todoist, thanks to a little magic behind the scenes.
  • 🐛 View and download attachments more easily now that you don’t have to log in to Twist again or open the file in another tab.
  • 🐛 Onboarding new users is much more pleasant now that they won’t see archived channels when they log in for the first time!
  • 🐛 Design, wording, and translation fixes and flourishes throughout the app are making things a little more buttoned up. 👔

Version 1.16.02

  • 🐛 Log in with Google or Apple once again. That’s one less email and password combo to remember. 🔐
  • 🐛 You can copy the link to the first comment of a thread or add it to Todoist, thanks to a little magic behind the scenes.

Version 1.16.0

  • ✨ Twist has a powerful new storage system. That means missing messages and mismatched conversation previews are a thing of the past.

Version 1.15.62 - May 21, 2020

  • 🐛 Everybody should be able to redeem Twist coupons and delete their teams again.

Version 1.15.61 - May 20, 2020

  • 🐛 More fiddling and fixing, but bigger updates are on their way.

Version 1.15.60 - May 18, 2020

  • 🐛 Nothing to see here, just light fiddling and fixing.

Version 1.15.59 (5/5/2020)

  • ⚙️️ A few translation touch-ups to keep Twist well-spoken.
  • 🐛 Occasionally, threads with images tripped up Twist in older versions of Safari. No longer.
  • 🐛 You can now update your profile and switch teams in one click. (Because even small time-saving measures add up.)
  • 🐛 Now, when everyone leaves a group message except for you, your profile photo and yours alone will remain — no more ghost profile photos, lurking behind you, reminding you of conversations past. 👻

Version 1.15.57 (04/28/2020)

  • 🐛What may have previously been a loading spinner is now the image you were expecting to see all along.

Version 1.15.56 (04/27/2020)

  • ⭐️ Signing up, logging in, and getting started is easier than ever with a refreshed flow — which means onboarding your next teammate will be a piece of cake. 🍰
  • ⭐️ You can now use Sign in with Apple to quickly and safely create or access your Twist account. That means one less email and password combo to remember.
  • ⚙️ Of course, the usual minor (but important) fixes to make Twist faster, bug-free, and easy on the eyes.

Version 1.15.40 (04/16/2020)

  • 🐛 On Firefox, you’ll properly see previews of files and images.
  • 🐛 The Todoist integration into Twist has a bit more polish, but will need a quick update on the Todoist side to truly achieve its full potential. 

Version 1.15.30 (04/07/2020)

  • 🐛 If we can’t load the threads in a channel, we’ll now ask you to try again (pretty please 🙏), instead of displaying a never-ending loading spinner.
  • ⚙️ It’s very subtle, but with a few fixes and flourishes, things are running just a tad better than before.

Version 1.15.27 (03/20/2020)

  • 🐛 If we told you “something’s gone quite wrong” when you tried to log in, everything’s now quite right.
  • 🐛 We’ve buttoned up some buggy buttons.
  • ⚙️️ The usual fixes to squash bugs before you ever notice them.

Version 1.15.23 (03/12/2020)

  • 🐛 After leaving a channel with unread threads, Twist would sometimes crash. This has been fixed.

Version 1.15.22 (03/09/2020)

  • 🐛 When your file doesn’t upload properly, you’ll be able to read the error message more easily, even in dark mode.
  • 🐛 When adding a task to Todoist, you'll no longer see any ghost shadows under the pop-up. (Spooky.)
  • 🐛 Dates and times are the same format no matter if they’re in a thread, message, or elsewhere in Twist.
  • ⚙️ Thanks to a few edits, some of the copy in Twist now rolls off the tongue.
  • ⚙️ Twist runs more smoothly because we fixed a few bugs in the background.

Version 1.15.19 (12/2/2019)

  • ⭐ Twist now supports Dark Mode. Turn it on by clicking your profile photo in the top right and toggling Dark Mode, and enjoy a new shade of Twist with black backgrounds and light text.
  • ⚙ When looking at archived conversations in an archived channel, you won’t see the obvious "Archived" label on every thread.
  • 🐛 Your Time Off settings will now be presented according to your chosen date format.
  • 🐛 A few tiny touch ups, typo corrections and translations to keep Twist eloquent.

Version 1.15.16 (10/25/2019)

  • 🐛 A few minor updates to keep Twist running smoothly.

Version 1.15.15 (10/8/2019)

  • ⚙ If you have trouble loading another user’s profile, you’ll now see an error message.
  • ⚙ When you’re trying to add a Todoist task right from within Twist (using the Todoist icon in the top right), you’ll see a better looking pop up box.
  • ⚙ If you’re using the Google Drive extension, you’ll now see shared drives, too.
  • ⚙ You can now edit the subject of a thread that was created by your own integration.
  • 🐛 The "snoozed until" timestamp now looks a little nicer.
  • 🐛 Fixed a lot of missing translations and translation-related bugs (e.g. date and time format options are now localized, the UI for "View changelog" will no longer break for Swedish (which was a longer translation than German 😃 ))
  • 🐛 When loading more messages you’ll maintain your scroll position instead of jumping to the bottom.
  • 🐛 When you delete a channel, all the threads in that channel will also be completely deleted.
  • 🐛 You can now properly select your @mentions using arrow keys on the keyboard.

Version 1.15.11 (8/28/2019)

  • ⚙ Twist is much faster when composing a new thread. Up to 80% faster, in fact!
  • 🐛 Sometimes, new threads wouldn’t load when you got to the bottom of the thread list. Now they’ll appear just fine so you can keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling until you find the one.

Version 1.15.03 (8/19/2019)

  • ⭐ You can now mention someone in a thread, comment or message using the @ button below the composer.
  • ⭐ When you click the little help links in various areas and empty screens in Twist, you’ll now see some short, helpful how-to videos to guide you along your way.
  • ⚙ To the right of a comment, you’ll always see the add reaction, recipients and more options buttons instead of having to hover over the comment to see them.
  • ⚙ large modals will now scroll their content instead of requiring the whole window to scroll
  • ⚙ Translations will now load more smoothly and won’t display random strings here and there.
  • ⚙ When typing in a search, you’ll notice results show 66% faster. ⚡
  • ⚙ Threads will display faster thanks to some updated code.
  • ⚙ When appropriate, you’ll see the proper login screen instead of the “developer login” screen.
  • ⚙ A few translations were missing, but they’ve been found.
  • ⚙ Messages will now load at the right time, especially if new messages appear while you’re scrolling up.
  • 🐛 If you’ve got a long group name, it’ll be properly shortened with an ellipsis (...) instead of just breaking the UI.
  • 🐛 If you’ve got a small screen, your comment composer won’t overflow outside of the box.
  • 🐛 You can change a user’s role without having to log out and log in.
  • 🐛 When you move between channels and the Inbox, you’ll see the last thread you were looking at.
  • 🐛When hovering over an image, the attachment actions are now displayed where they should be.
  • 🐛 Twist will run smoother as we’ve fixed a handful of bugs that were causing a crash.
  • 🐛 The pop-up Windows featuring the videos will look good on small screens, too.

Version 1.13.92 (2019/6/25)

  • ⭐ When your team is finished with a conversation, you can now close the thread and add a conclusion explaining why. It’ll keep Twist more organized and let people stay focused on active topics.
  • ⚙ You’ll now see whether a channel is archived or not in more places around Twist, like when editing a channel or inviting people.
  • ⚙ Comments will load up a bit faster thanks to some under-the-hood improvements.
  • 🐛 When you’re creating your editing a group, you’ll see all the people you’re supposed to see in the various menus.
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where recipients weren't correctly applied resulting in comments without or with wrong recipients

Version 1.13.90 (2019/6/18)

  • ⭐ You can now configure how you want dates and times to appear in Twist. Find it in your settings.
  • ⚙️️ When you move a thread to a new channel, rename a thread, or any other system action, you’ll see a new design for the small message that appears in the thread.
  • ⚙️️ When you delete an attachment, you’ll see the “edited” label beside the thread, comment or message.
  • ⚙️️ The Twist error screens are more readable thanks to increased line height.
  • 🐛 When you move a thread, any links that pointed to the thread will continue to work.
  • 🐛 Fixed a few tiny bugs with attachments and thread/message previews.
  • 🐛 You’ll no longer see duplicate users in the Team and Group lists.
  • 🐛 Older system messages will no longer crash Twist.

Version 1.13.77 (2019/05/14)

  • 💅 You’ll see beautiful new illustrations drawn by our designers in all the empty screens in Twist.
  • ⭐ It’s easier to switch communication apps now that you can import Slack or Stride data directly into Twist.
  • ⭐ Spend less time searching for that one specific file. With Twist’s new file extension, you can now add files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • ⭐ Attached the wrong file? No problem: You can now delete attachments from your comments and messages.
  • ⭐ When you include a link in your thread or message, you’ll see a preview image of the website. That image can now be collapsed with the small caret icon.
  • ⚙ You can now delete the website previews that appear when you include a link in your thread or message.
  • ⚙ Images are now optimized to be faster across the app.
  • ⚙ You’ll no longer see the unnecessary recipient count for messages in search results.
  • ⚙ The performance has been improved for threads with a lot of comments.
  • ⚙ When selecting your time off, the default setting will now be a 1 day vacation.
  • ⚙ Attachments will render much faster.
  • ⚙ Some performance improvements for the comment composer and thread editor
  • ⚙ A few style and visual updates to mentions, invitations, attachments and icons.
  • ⚙ You now have a “Leave channel” option in Channel settings
  • ⚙ When viewing an attachment preview, you’ll notice a bunch of small updates, smoother animations and a better layout.
  • 🐛 The changelog link was broken for non-English languages: It now points to the English changelog.
  • 🐛 The short message that appears when you do system actions like moving a thread is now worded more clearly.
  • 🐛 Twist will no longer get hung up when loading a user -- As soon as the user information is available the “Loading” text will disappear.
  • 🐛 Fixes a critical bug that prevents some teams from logging in.

Version 1.13.49 (2019/02/26)

  • ⭐ Viewing attachments just got a lot easier. Simply click on an attachment to see a new fullscreen preview instead of having to download it right away.
  • ⚙ There's a nicer menu when choosing a team member's Role on their User Profile.
  • ⚙ The Job field in Profile Settings now warns you when you hit the character restriction limit.
  • ⚙ Messages are now more responsive due to some under-the-hood improvements
  • ⚙ The layout of text has been tweaked throughout the app to keep things more properly centered and easier to read.
  • ⚙ When you see a list of attachments, it’s more obvious that you can scroll through the list.
  • ⚙ Updated and unified all avatar sizes throughout the app.
  • ⚙ Forms now look the same across the app.
  • ⚙ Unified auto-generated conversation names between web and macOS.
  • ⚙ When your message or thread has a problem, you'll see a more descriptive message about it.
  • 🐛 Sometimes Chrome's autocomplete would show up when choosing who to notify on a thread. Not anymore.
  • 🐛 Twist will no longer switch to English during onboarding in other languages.

Version 1.13.29 (2019/01/28)

  • ⭐You can now resize Twist’s columns however you like. For example, if you want more space for your channel list, simply hover over the right border and drag and drop to the size you like.
  • ⚙ Twist will now fill the entire width of your screen instead of being centered. You’ll notice this on larger displays.
  • ⚙ If you’re on a lot of teams, the team list in the top right is now scrollable and you’ll always see the “+ New Team” option.
  • ⚙ Added a subtle border to avatars so white avatars don’t look like they’re hovering in mid-screen on a the white background.
    ⚙ You can reset your search using the X icon on the right side of the input field.
  • ⚙ Transparent images are now displayed on a gray background.
  • ⚙ A few font and layout updates all over the app to improve readability.
  • ⚙ All links will now be underlined when you hover over them.
  • ⚙ Images included inline in a comment will now be properly aligned with your text.
  • ⚙ A lot of subtle improvements to the UI: improved spacing between comments, vertically centered icons in the message composer, a nicer look for links to other Twist messages, a more readable color for attachment icons, nicer borders for indented code blocks and more.
  • ⚙ The messages view is a bit faster
  • ⚙ Icons should feel more responsive when you click and hover over them
  • ⚙ Unified and improved spacing throughout the app
  • ⚙ A few cosmetic updates to how markdown is formatted
  • ⚙ Small updates to the markdown help under the comment composer
  • ⚙ The colors of active and inactive tabs like “Channels” have been updated
  • ⚙ When copying the version number the notification popup disappears after 2 seconds
  • ⚙ Your account menu (available by clicking on your avatar in the top right) is now more clearly organized.
  • ⚙ You can now copy the the text of a comment or message from the three dots icon to the top right.
  • 🐛 When first signing up for Twist, there was a bug that would occasionally boot you out of Twist. It was a bug and you can now enjoy a more friendly welcome.
  • 🐛 When selecting to notify “everyone in thread”, you’ll see the right number of recipients.
  • 🐛 Sometimes, the comment composer would disappear if you type slowly. That’s the opposite of the point of Twist: You can now take your time writing a thoughtful message and nothing will disappear on you.
  • 🐛 When you upload attachments, they’ll start uploading right away instead of waiting for you to hit a key (for no reason).
  • 🐛 When switching from the Messages view to the Threads view, you’ll no longer see an empty screen.
  • 🐛 Messages and threads should load properly when using Twist Free.

Version 1.13.11 (2018/12/18)

  • ⭐ You can now access the options for any channel without having to be in the channel. To open the menu, simply hover over a channel and press the three dots icon to the right.
  • ⭐ When sending a message, you’ll now see a small indicator letting you know whether the message sent. If it failed, you’ll see a retry button so you can send the message again.
  • ⚙ When browsing your team’s public channel list, the column headers will stay fixed as you scroll down so you’ll always know what you’re looking at.
  • ⚙ Unified a few text colors to keep things coordinated.
  • 🐛 When using messages, you may have noticed that Twist slows down a bit. That’s been fixed.
  • 🐛 The follower count in the header of a thread ("25 Followers") is now properly formatted.
  • 🐛 When someone is first onboarding to Twist, they won’t see the "What's new" pop up, since well, everything is new to them.
  • 🐛 Twist will now require that your password be 8 or more characters.
  • 🐛 If a group message title is too long, you’ll now see an ellipsis.
  • 🐛Sometimes the message composer would flicker when sending messages too fast: It wasn’t your screen (or eyes), it was a bug. It's been fixed.
  • 🐛 You can now see channel titles properly while previewing.
  • 🐛 Tooltips will now hide in the background when a menu is open.
  • 🐛 Your thread previews to the left will deal with code blocks and formatting a little better.

Version 1.13.06 (2018/11/26)

  • ⭐️ A gif will only loop two times and can be started or stopped by clicking on it.
  • ⭐ When you copy the link of a thread and post it in another thread, you’ll now see a small system message: “This thread has been mentioned in another thread”.
  • ⚙ Whenever an integration posts a comment to a thread, the “integration” tag will be properly translated.
  • ⚙ You may notice a few subtle font color touch-ups that make things easier to read.
  • ⚙ When viewing an attachment preview in Twist, you’ll see two buttons that let you download or copy a link to the attachment.
  • ⚙ When you open the “Get email to thread” popup, copying the email address will close the pop-up.
  • ⚙ Attachments, linked comments and message bubbles all look nicer in subtle ways.
  • ⚙ You’ll see a link to Time off in your User Profile menu in the top right.
  • ⚙ When you switch back to the browser window with Twist, your cursor will be focused on the comment composer (if it’s visible).
  • ⚙ The comment composer will stay fixed at the bottom instead of floating up towards the last comment.
  • 🐛 The top bar will properly indicate when you’ve snoozed notifications.
  • 🐛 When looking at the thread previews to the left, links will no longer be blue and clickable.
  • 🐛 The tooltip on the version number is no longer cut off.
  • 🐛 No more uploader’s remorse: You can properly cancel an attachment upload.
  • 🐛 When mentioning someone, “Everyone in Channel” will no longer be automatically removed from your notify list.
  • 🐛 Your thread previews to the left will show the right emoji. 🕵️‍♂️
  • 🐛 If you click on a link to another thread, message, profile or group in Twist, it will open in the current tab, rather than opening a new one.
  • 🐛 The "Add to Todoist" integration popups will now be fully visible.

Version 1.12.93 (2018/10/29)

  • ⚙ You’ll properly see when a team member is on time off.
  • ⚙ A nice new attachment icon.
  • ⚙ Polish language support is back after a brief hiatus. dzień dobry!
  • ⚙ When there are no archived channel, you’ll now see a message instead of a blank list.
  • ⚙ A host of small user interface improvements that you may notice right away, soon, or not at all. Regardless, they’re nice.
  • 🐛 When switching to the search tab, the search field is is properly focused so you can type right away.
  • 🐛 If you copied text that included a mention of someone, when you pasted it there would be a few random new lines. Not anymore: What you copy is what you paste.
  • 🐛 When you open a thread, you’ll always jump right to the end of the thread; You’ll no longer scroll to the last place you were reading.

Version 1.12.86 (2018/09/24)

  • ⭐ Twist now speaks Swedish. Hallå!
  • ⭐ You now have new options for when you want to be notified. You can be notified when you’re mentioned, or only when you get a message in a 1-on-1 conversation, along with a few more options. Try them yourself out at

    Settings → My notifications.

  • ⭐ When you reach the bottom of the list of threads or messages, more threads or messages will automatically load.
  • ⚙ When you copy a link to a thread or comment, you’ll see a confirmation message. Avoid those “Oops wrong link” moments.
  • ⚙ Your notification settings will now show you whether your browser supports notifications.
  • ⚙ Your app will load faster now that the app takes up less memory.
  • ⚙ If you get an error, you’ll see a nice illustration instead of a generic error message.
  • ⚙ You can now copy the link of a channel from the channel header. Just click the three dots icon beside the channel name and select Copy link to channel.
  • ⚙ When upgrading to the Unlimited plan, you’ll immediately see all unlocked content.
  • ⚙ When typing out a mention, diacritics will no longer affect the search results. For instance, if you type “Goncalo”, then “Gonçalo” will still show up.
  • ⚙ Twist got a performance increase and uses less memory thanks to a reduced cache size.
  • ⚙ Increase paragraph spacing in messages to match comments
  • ⚙ You’ll notice some background colors have changed in preparation for a new theme, coming soon...
  • ⚙ Every dropdown or popup menu in Twist has been visually updated.
  • 🐛 In general, notifications will appear more reliably so you can stay up to date. Of course, you can still snooze them if you want to do some deep work.
  • 🐛 When deleting a comment, it will no longer continue to show up in the thread preview to the left.
  • 🐛 Mentions were interfering with using arrow keys. Not anymore.
  • 🐛 Your sync status in the top bar will look correct when it’s visible.
  • 🐛 When inputting Korean syllables into Twist, it will no longer automatically submit the comment on Windows.
  • 🐛 You can now properly add a thread to Todoist.
  • 🐛 If you were using Twist Free and were looking a thread older than 30 days, sometimes it would be automatically marked as read. Not anymore.
  • 🐛 No more crashing when inviting members to teams that don’t have a default channel.
  • 🐛 When you double-click an avatar, they will not be selected as if they were text.
  • 🐛 When you edit a message, and it’s the most recent one, the message preview in the list of messages to the left will also be properly updated.
  • 🐛 When choosing a recipient for a message, you can now use the up and down arrows without the cursor moving around randomly.
  • 🐛 When you click on the invite link in the top bar or on the teams tab, you’ll properly see the invite by email address pop-up.
  • 🐛 When you get a link to an older message, it’ll work properly.
  • 🐛 When selecting a recipient for your comment or thread, groups and members will now be sorted alphabetically.
  • 🐛 New users’ experiences with Twist will be smoother thanks to a bunch of small fixes.
  • 🐛 If you close a pop up window by pressing ESC in Safari, it won’t exit fullscreen mode.

Version 1.12.75 (2018/08/16)

  • ⭐ @Mentions are here: The fast (yet unobtrusive) way to get a teammate’s attention. Simply type @teammate in any comment or message and they’ll receive a notification in their Inbox (marked with a blue @ symbol).
  • ⚙ You will be able to see starred icons in the thread lists again. An icon for unread starred threads has also been added.

Version 1.12.73 (2018/08/13)

  • 🐛 Some users experienced infinite loading indicators when trying to add a comment. That’s been fixed.
  • ⚙ A few minor visual updates in the Messages tab.

Version 1.12.72 (2018/09/08)

  • ⭐ Overall performance is improved as images will only start loading right before they become visible.
  • 🐛 You wouldn’t be able to see some thread previews in the Threads tab. Now you will.
  • 🐛 You will no longer be added as your own recipient in a thread.
  • 🐛 You can now properly paste screenshots in to comments or messages on Windows.
  • 🐛 Code blocks will be formatted properly.
  • 🐛 Sometimes, when you posted a long comment on a thread, the loading indicator would accidentally show. Not anymore.
  • 🐛 If you edit a message that ends with a code block, the Edited marker wouldn’t show up.
  • 🐛 You can now properly paste screenshots on Windows. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • 🐛 If two messages are posted at the exact same time, they’ll be sorted by their user ID.
  • 🐛 When you print a thread the printout will include all the comments in the thread (instead of only the visible ones as before).
  • 🐛 Took care of a few minor issues with Ada, long channel names and comment scrolling.
  • 🐛 Threads will no longer randomly scroll to the bottom.
  • 🐛 If you edit a message it will stay edited thanks to a bug fix on the server side.
  • 🐛 You weren’t able to mark threads as unread, but now you can.
  • 🐛 Sometimes you would see the loading spinner on threads at random times. Now they only show up when a thread is actually loading.
  • 🐛 You’ll properly see payment locks on messages if trying to view messages older than 30 days on Twist’s free account.
  • 🐛 When editing a comment, if a link followed a message the link would be removed. Not anymore.
  • ⚙ A few visual updates, like a lowercase “edited” for edited comments or messages, removing the bold from system messages and centered icons on the Team tab.
  • ⚙ When sorting users in the Team tab, any members whose status is pending are shown at the top of the list.
  • ⚙ A bunch of small visual touches, like rounded corners, a new conversation icon on the Team tab and darker labels for better readability.
  • ⚙ When looking at an updated thread, the blue unread line will separate what you’ve already read from what’s new. It’ll stay visible until the thread is updated.
  • ⚙ You’ll be able to read a user profile more easily thanks to darker text colors.
  • ⚙ In the message composer, the attachment and emoji picker have switched places.
  • ⚙ There are new calendar and light bulb icons.
  • ⚙ When looking at the list of threads or messages, the small previews under each title will display “Me:” instead of your name.
  • ⚙ Inviting people to Twist looks nicer with a few visual upgrades like a larger “Get invites link” button.
  • ⚙ Save a thought or idea by sending a message to yourself in Twist. You can also reach this by finding yourself in the Team tab and clicking the message icon.
  • ⚙ You will now receive notifications of new updates and other system notifications in a cool new update window.
  • ⚙ You can click on your own avatar and name in a conversation to see your profile at a glance.
  • ⚙ The reaction emoji picker and the emoji picker now have a similar design.
  • ⚙ You can read the name and time of a message more clearly thanks to larger font sizes.
  • ⚙ Some icons got a facelift and some fonts are darker to be more readable. Enjoy the small touches, if you notice them.

Version 1.12.65 (2018/07/23)

  • ⚙ Twist is easier on the eyes with slightly larger, darker fonts.
  • ⚙ When joining a channel, you’ll notice that the channel icons are now properly aligned. Keeping things neat and tidy is all about the little things.
  • ⚙ When you hover over the preview image of a website link, you’ll see the zoom cursor so you know you can zoom in on the image.
  • ⚙ The @ sign in the comment composer is a bit lighter to match the sign in posted comments and messages.
  • ⚙ Things will work a little smoother when hovering over emoji reactions or images.
  • ⚙ Your Settings got a little visual tweak.
  • ⚙ The thread previews will now be synced up a little better with the actual content of threads.
  • ⚙ When browsing through channels to join, you’ll see that archived channels are better organized.
  • ⚙ If you’re using a Mac, you’ll notice smoother, anti-aliased fonts.
  • ⚙ When you click on the image that comes along with a link, it’ll be opened in a full size preview just like other images in Twist.
  • 🐛 Your Inbox would occasionally crash due to deleted comments. No longer.
  • 🐛 You won’t see markdown formatting in thread previews in the Threads view.
  • 🐛 Sometimes threads weren’t being marked as read. Now they will be.
  • 🐛 You can now link to comments properly.
  • 🐛 Japanese file names will now work properly. Specifically, Japanese dakuten characters are preserved.
  • 🐛 There was a slight misalignment of the channel member count when trying to join a channel. It’s been realigned.

Version 1.12.54 (2018/06/18)

  • ⭐ Express yourself using the new emoji picker at the bottom left of your comment or at the right of your message.
  • ⭐ Whenever a comment or message has been edited, it will be marked with the new (Edited) indicator.
  • ⚙ The channel tags shown below each thread in the Inbox, Search and Starred views now have new colors.
  • ⚙ When sharing a link in a comment or message, Twist will now generate a proper link preview for a lot more different sites.
  • ⚙ When a user is away, if you click on the away label you’ll see their profile pop up.
  • ⚙ Your browser spell-check will once again work with Twist.
  • ⚙ When hovering over the date of a comment or message, it will show a tooltip containing the full date.
  • ⚙ When changing the color of a channel, you’ll notice a better designed color picker.
  • ⚙ The loading indicator is now a spinning circle everywhere in Twist. No more three dots.
  • ⚙ Made a change to the bottom border of so the comment composer so it looks better when scrolling down.
  • ⚙ The upload and markdown helper buttons below the comment composer got a little visual update.
  • 🐛 The thread recipients dropdown will no longer be partially hidden.
  • 🐛 Users can now change their default team properly.
  • 🐛 Any new users in Twist who aren’t a part of a team yet will be redirected to the create team page.
  • 🐛 Jumbo emojis will only be shown when a single emoji is the only content in a comment or message.
  • 🐛 When attaching a file in Japanese, the title will be properly displayed.

Version 1.12.47 (2018/05/23)

  • ⭐ The composer at the bottom of a thread or message is now minimized until you click it. When it’s time to reply, click the composer and it will expand to full size. Plus, as you write, the composer will expand further to make it easier to review your post before you hit send ✍
  • ⚙ To give you more control and transparency around the data we collect, we’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read a quick summary of the changes and accept them when you next open Twist. Check out our frequently asked questions, too.
  • 🐛 When selecting who to notify on a comment, the notify list will format properly.
  • 🐛 You can now properly paste images into comments or messages on Windows.
  • 🐛 Sometimes, you couldn’t properly leave a team. No worries, the bug is fixed and you’re free to go anytime you want.
  • 🐛 Everyone in Channel and Everyone in Thread are now properly translated.
  • 🐛The loading screen will now look fine on IE11.
  • 🐛 Thanks to some general bug fixing, Twist will crash less.

Version 1.12.42 (2018/05/02)

  • ⚙ Code blocks and inline code are now easier to read thanks to a lighter grey background.
  • ⚙ When you drag and drop a file into a thread or message, you'll see a clean new overlay in Twist.
  • ⚙ Added a few missing translations in various spots in Twist.
  • ⚙ Printing messages or comments will now be formatted more accurately.
  • ⚙ When previewing a channel, you can no longer archive or unarchive it.
  • ⚙ She’s here to help: It's no longer possible to remove Ada from your Twist team (but you can ignore her if you want). 🤖
  • ⚙ When editing a comment or message, you can use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + Enter, to save it.
  • ⚙ The snooze notifications menu at the top has been restyled.
  • 🐛 Twist would occasionally crash after moving a thread -- that’s been fixed.
  • 🐛 Guests can no longer see a channel’s team members after being removed from the channel.
  • 🐛 Text breaks will now be formatted correctly on IE11.
  • 🐛 When creating a channel, there was a bug that would incorrectly focus your cursor. It’s gone.
  • 🐛 When trying to see more threads by clicking load more, Twist would occasionally skip some threads. Not anymore.
  • 🐛 In several places across Twist, the correct number of notified recipients will now be shown.
  • 🐛 You will no longer see group members that are not part of the channel you’re in. For instance, if you notify a group on a comment, you’ll only see the names of people in the current channel.
  • 🐛 If no members are part of a channel, you won’t see their group name when selecting who to notify with a comment or thread.
  • 🐛 Guests can no longer invite someone to your Twist team.
  • 🐛 If a team member that wasn’t in the default channel invited someone to your Twist team, Twist would crash. Not anymore.
  • 🐛 You could add a team member to a channel twice, sometimes. Now, no more cloning.

Version 1.12.36 (2018/04/09)

  • ⭐ Enjoy the helpful new menu icons -- they make it easier to find the option you need at a glance and look nice, too.
  • ⚙️️ Your avatar will be replaced by stylish new icons when you're taking time off.
  • 🐛 Translated content will now look right when displayed in menus.
  • 🐛 When setting your time off using Safari, the date selector wasn’t showing up properly. Now it is.
  • 🐛 When you update a channel name, it will immediately be re-sorted in the channels list so it shows up alphabetically.
  • 🐛 You’ll see the correct error message when you’re removed or re-added to a channel while you’re viewing it.
  • 🐛 The avatars to the left of a message will now be correct: If it’s a group message, you’ll see the last two people who sent a message; If it’s a 1-on-1 message, it’ll be the other person’s avatar.

Version 1.12.34 (2018/02/28)

  • ⚙ You'll now see a read/unread marker in the top right of your messages. You can click it to toggle the message between read and unread.
  • ⚙ When discarding a comment, you'll see be asked to confirm first.
  • ⚙ The public channel, private channel, and add reaction icons were updated.
  • ⚙ Small design fixes all around Twist.
  • 🐛 Logging out would sometimes fail due to a small, now fixed, bug.

Version 1.12.32 (2018/02/27)

  • ⭐ You’ll see new icons beside each menu option in the action menus (the three dot icons in the top right).
  • ⭐ You’ll experience a performance improvement thanks to a new browser storage manager.
  • ⚙ Updated style for buttons and the comment and message composer.
  • ⚙ Emojis will now appear properly between colons.
  • ⚙ When a thread, comment or message can’t be properly added to Twist, you’ll see a message localized into your language.
  • ⚙ Guests can no longer edit their own groups or channels.
  • ⚙ A few minor style touch ups in search, avatar display and bullet point lists.
  • ⚙ New browser icons will look crisper on all platforms.
  • ⚙ The help dropdown now includes links to the blog and terms of service.
  • 🐛 The invite button is now visible again.
  • 🐛 Emojis will no longer crash the app. 😉
  • 🐛 Avatars will now rotate correctly on the web.
  • 🐛 The clickable notify label in your comment composer will no longer behave oddly.
  • 🐛 You will no longer see duplicated team members when choosing who to notify on a thread comment.
  • 🐛 When editing a user’s channels and groups using their profile, the cancel button will properly cancel your changes.

VERSION 1.12.29 (2018/02/15)

  • ⚙ When viewing a team member's profile, you’ll see placeholders for their avatar, name or role if they haven't filled out that information yet. You’ll also see the placeholders when the information is loading.
  • ⚙ You can now access Twist’s changelog by clicking your profile photo and then selecting View changelog at the bottom.
  • ⚙ The Inbox icon has been updated.
  • ⚙ You’ll now see "Good evening" instead of "Good night" underneath the illustrations on on empty screens.

Version 1.12.27 (2018/02/14)

  • ⚙ The empty screen illustrations look a little bit nicer with minor visual updates.
  • ⚙ Dropdown menus have a new look throughout the app.
  • ⚙ The icon colors for adding a channel and adding a group have been updated.
  • 🐛 Creating a new thread from the Inbox is now bug-free.
  • 🐛Really tall or wide attachments will now be displayed correctly.
  • 🐛Some users were getting stuck when first starting up a team. That won’t happen anymore.

Version 1.12.26 (2018/02/12)

  • ⚙️️ There’s a tooltip when you hover over the help icon in the topbar.
  • ⚙️️ When composing a comment, you can now click Notify above the composer to see a list of people to notify.
  • 🐛 The loading screen looks better in the Edge browser.
  • 🐛 Emoji reactions had a small layout issue that’s been fixed.
  • 🐛 When team members are invited or removed from channels, their permissions are properly refreshed. This is important for guests.

Version 1.12.25 (2018/02/12)

  • ⭐️ When you open Twist, you’ll notice a shiny new loading screen.
  • ⚙️️ You can no longer move threads into archived channels.
  • ⚙️️ There are new icons for emoji reactions, Mark all as read, Format text, and the people icon that indicates the number of people notified on a comment.
  • 🐛 The app will no longer crash while searching.
  • 🐛 The app won't crash when trying to access a deleted channel.
  • 🐛 When a new team member was added to or removed from your team, you’d see an endless loading indicator. That’s been fixed.
  • 🐛 You can once again invite team members to channels.
  • 🐛 You can no longer edit a deleted message.
  • 🐛 There was a problem when saving a draft of a thread. Your drafts will now save properly.
  • 🐛 Thread drafts will no longer crash the app.
  • 🐛 The mark all as read button at the top will be dark grey when you still have unread threads, and will be greyed out once all your threads have been read.

VERSION 1.12.20

  • 🐛 The app would crash during onboarding while posting your first welcome thread. Not anymore.
  • ⚙️️ Added some text to the team tab welcome pane: "Find out who does what by checking out their profiles".
  • ⚙️️ When your Inbox is empty, you’ll see a new message on the welcome pane: "You’re all caught up!"
  • ⚙️️ Our grey became greyer along with other minor cosmetic and copy improvements.

VERSION 1.12.18

  • 🐛 The app was becoming unresponsive while updating, but that’s been fixed.
  • 🐛 When a user was removed from a channel, or a channel was deleted, there was a bug that would continue to incorrectly show those threads in your Inbox and stall the app. That’s been squashed.
  • ⚙️️ Twist’s performance has been improved thanks to an update to Reactist, our React components library.

VERSION 1.12.16

  • ⭐️ Copy a link to the current thread using the new keyboard shortcut (ctrl + shift + c).
  • 🐛 You can now upload an attachment when creating a thread without a problem.
  • 🐛 Removed the option to create a thread when looking at an archived channel.
  • 🐛 If you follow a link to somewhere in Twist but you're not logged in yet, you'll now properly get where you're going after you log in.
  • 🐛 It’s no longer possible to create empty threads.
  • ⚙️️ Updated to a nicer more options icon (three dots) throughout the app.
  • ⚙️️ The empty states screens now have a properly aligned footer.
  • ⚙️️ There is no more delay when marking a thread as read.
  • ⚙️️ All keyboard shortcuts have changed from ctrl+alt to ctrl + shift

VERSION 1.12.15

  • ⭐️ You can now mark a thread as read or unread using the circle icon in the top right of any thread. An empty blue circle means the thread has been read and a filled circle means it’s unread.
  • 🐛 The Add group button will always be shown in your groups list in the Team tab.
  • 🐛 The group member count will be correct.
  • 🐛 Your unread threads count on the Threads tab will be updated instantly.
  • 🐛 Logging in and logging out will no longer be buggy.
  • ⚙️️ After creating a channel, you will immediately navigate to it.
  • ⚙️️ Applied a coat of polish to our illustrated help screens.
  • ⚙️️ You’ll return to your last seen thread when you navigate back to a channel. In the past you would sometimes see the first thread, instead.

VERSION 1.12.14

  • 🐛 The snooze notifications bell in the top bar would sometimes show you as snoozing notifications when you weren’t. We fixed it.
  • 🐛 Increased the spacing between comments and the blue unread-line
  • 🐛 An empty screen will no longer cover over the search filter.

VERSION 1.12.13

  • ⭐️ You’ll now see delightful illustrations and helpful tips in place of blank screens throughout Twist. Keep an eye out when looking at the Inbox or the Team tab, to name a few.
  • ⭐️ You can now copy the link to a thread directly from search results. Simply click the three dots in the top right of the selected thread and select Copy link to thread.
  • ⭐️ When using search, you can visit the currently selected thread by clicking on the channel name below the thread’s title.
  • 🐛 Threads wouldn't show up in your Inbox when you hadn’t visited the channel. Now they will.
  • 🐛 When a removed team member is part of a message discussion, their profile photo will properly show up to the left of the discussion.
  • 🐛 Moving threads now works as it should.
  • 🐛 Scrolling to the bottom of a thread or conversation will now work properly.
  • 🐛 The Load more threads… button at the bottom of a thread list was fixed.
  • 🐛 When you navigate from one channel to another, your thread drafts will be properly saved.
  • 🐛 The notification banner will no longer reposition the entire layout.
  • ⚙️️ You can no longer use keyboard shortcuts when previewing a thread.
  • ⚙️️ When you follow a link to an archived conversation, you’ll be notified that it’s an archived conversation.
  • ⚙️️ When accessing the Team tab, guests will only be able to see people in the channels they belong to, as opposed to the whole team.
  • ⚙️️ Deleted comments will properly show the message, “This comment has been deleted”.
  • ⚙️️ Twist will no longer refresh itself when it doesn’t need to.
  • ⚙️️ Made some visual updates to the spacing and design of comments.

Version 1.11.12

  • ⚙️️ The channel list is easier to navigate with new icons, buttons, and spacing.
  • ⚙️️ Twist’s top bar got a visual update with new icons and spacing.
  • 🐛 When you create a group, there will no longer be any visual glitches.
  • 🐛 You can now log out without being automatically logged back in.
  • 🐛 If you clicked away from editing a user profile, the confirmation dialog would occasionally get stuck.
  • 🐛 Your channel preview now has a proper browser title.
  • 🐛 In a channel preview, you can no longer interact with threads and comments. That means no starring threads or marking them as unread until you’ve actually joined the channel.
  • 🐛 Threads will no longer get stuck while loading.

VERSION 1.11.11

  • ⭐️ You can preview a channel before joining it by using the new Preview button.
  • ⭐️ When switching back to a channel you’ve already read, you will automatically return to the last thread you had open.
  • ⭐️ When switching to the Messages tab you will automatically return to the last message you were reading.
  • 🐛 Fixed a few security issues related to cross-site-scripting (XSS)
  • 🐛 You can now properly edit your last comment or message using the up arrow (⬆) keyboard shortcut. Before, Twist would get confused if you had deleted your last comment or message.
  • 🐛 If you use Firefox, you can now write comments without the input box disappearing.
  • 🐛 Unread threads will be properly marked as read in your channel list.
  • 🐛 When using the search filter, clicking Load more will actually show more results.
  • ⚙️️ Corrected a handful of minor translation issues. Gracias.

Version 1.11.03

  • 🐛 The channel list on your teammates’ profiles will now be properly aligned.
  • 🐛 Tooltips are now positioned correctly regardless of how you resize your browser.
  • 🐛 A thread with a single comment can now be marked as unread like any other thread.
    🐛 You’ll no longer have issues marking all your Inbox threads as read -- just click the checkmark icon in the top right.

Version 1.10.02

  • 🐛 Twist would occasionally display team members who were no longer a part of your team. That won’t happen anymore.
  • 🐛 Your browser tab will now have the correct title based on what you’re looking at -- whether it’s a thread, message, or channel. New bookmarks will also have the correct title, making them easier to organize.
    ⚙️️ When onboarding to Twist, team members will be welcomed with a beautiful new illustration.
  • ⚙️️ Scheduled snoozing and notifications settings are now accessible even when notifications are snoozed.
  • ⚙️️ The copy has been updated in several languages. Merçi pour votre patience!

VERSION 1.10.01

  • ⭐️ When you start Twist, you’ll now see your last read thread or message.
  • ⭐️ Inviting a new user to your Twist is simpler, thanks to a new flow with clearer wording.
  • 🐛Twist is better at speaking your language thanks to some localization bug fixes.
  • 🐛 Tooltips were occasionally jumping all over the screen, but no longer.

VERSION 1.00.44 - Nov 23, 2017

  • ⚙️️ A few updates under the hood to keep things moving smoothly.

Version 1.00.43 - Nov 17, 2017

  • ⚙️️ Twist had a subtle makeover to keep it easy on the eyes.
  • 🐛 Some comments and messages were mysteriously disappearing after posting. The case has been solved and it won’t happen anymore.
  • 🐛 When you set time off, the dates will now be calculated correctly.
  • 🐛 The spinner on the top-bar would occasionally spin forever. We stopped it.

Version 1.00.41

  • ⭐️ You can now add team members to channels or groups directly from their user profile.
  • ⭐️ If your Twist team doesn’t have a group yet, you can create one directly from a user’s profile to get started.
  • ⚙️️ Threads no longer have the "user is typing" indicator to keep Twist distraction-free.
  • ⚙️️ Emoji reactions have been re-ordered. 😯
  • ⚙️️ A few cosmetic updates to please the eye.
  • ⚙️️ The team list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • 🐛 Previously read messages and threads would occasionally reappear as unread, but that's been fixed, so no more deja vu.

Version 1.00.40

  • ⚙️️ If you save a bookmark of a thread in your Inbox, the link will work for as long as you need it to. This works if you copy the URL, too.
  • ⚙️️ We coordinated Twist’s look so options panels look the same throughout.
  • ⚙️️ Channel Members are now sorted alphabetically
  • 🐛 The keyboard shortcut to edit your last comment/message was accidentally editing the wrong comment/message. It’s fixed.

Version 1.00.39

  • ⚙️️ When someone is in away mode, you’ll no longer see their entire away schedule next to their avatar. You’ll instead see a shorter note like “On vacation” and can click their avatar to see details about the date.
  • ⚙️️ You’ll see tooltips placed in more intuitive spots.
  • 🐛 There was too much white space around the notification banner but now it’s laid out perfectly.
  • 🐛 Spell-checked our Portuguese translation one more time.
  • 🐛 Sometimes you had to refresh to see a new thread, but now your new threads will appear properly.


  • ⚙️️ We spell-checked our Portuguese translation. Obrigado!
  • 🐛 Dates and times are now accurate no matter what timezone you’re in.

Version 1.00.37

  • ⚙️️ When you attempt to edit a comment or message, you can start typing right away now that the cursor automatically jumps to the edit box.
  • ⚙️️ You may have noticed Twist’s heart emojis were black, but now you’ve got the real heart emoji (❤️️) instead of the suit one (♥️️).
  • 🐛 If you tried to attach a file and it failed for any reason, Twist would keep retrying to attach the file. Now you can delete the failed attachment and stop the endless cycle.
  • 🐛When choosing a language, Chinese languages are now listed correctly.

Version 1.00.36

  • ⚙️️ When you preview an attachment, it will look right even when the attachment is especially high or wide.

Version 1.00.35

  • ⭐️ When you’re writing a comment or message and click away to something else, you’ll receive a confirmation asking if you’re sure you want to discard your edit. This ensures you won’t lose your edit if you accidentally click on another link.
  • ⚙️️ You can now see time-off information on your user profile, as well as edit your time off details when looking at your own profile.
  • ⚙️️ You can now see the connected Google email address for your account.

Version 1.00.34

  • ⭐️ Whether you’re starting a new thread or checking your Inbox, you can now save time by using keyboard shortcuts.

Version 1.00.33

  • ⚙ You can change your password more easily now that you don’t have to re-enter your original password.
  • ⚙ Twist is a bit faster thanks to some performance tweaks.
  • 🐛 There is multi-language support for the date picker when scheduling time off.

Version 1.00.31

  • ⚙ Your menu options will no longer display profile photo options when you don’t actually have a profile photo.
  • ⚙ Emojis would occasionally overlap with text on non-retina screens. All emojis will now be placed properly.

Version 1.00.30

  • ⚙ Your Twist will coordinate with the rest of your device by using system fonts instead of Open Sans.
  • ⚙ Small user interface tweaks to make things just a little more intuitive.

Version 1.00.29

  • ⭐️ You can crop your profile photo to show off your best side.
  • ⚙ Your settings has been given a facelift to better keep track of your customizable options.

Version 1.00.28

  • ⚙ Data sync should be a lot smoother now.

Version 1.00.25

  • ⭐️You can now access your team’s invite link using a direct URL – useful if you happen to create new invite links often.

  • ⚙ A few small tweaks to copy (aka the tiny words inside the app that you probably don’t notice much but we care about anyway).

  • 🐛 Firefox users weren’t able to edit their teams’ groups. In the spirit of web browser equality, we fixed it.

Also known as the Twist for Web changelog.