I'm not getting my notifications on my desktop or mobile device

If you're not receiving your notifications on either your desktop (Web, Windows or macOS) or mobile device (iOS or Android), you can try our handy Twist notifications debug page to send a few test notifications and find out whether things are getting lost on the Twist side or on your device.

Here are another few tips you can try to get your notifications working again:

  1. Try logging out and logging back into Twist.
  2. Check your snooze notifications options. If you are currently snoozing notifications, your notifications will not show up.
  3. Check your time off settings.
  4. If you're using an Android device, you can try your device settings. Specifically:
    1. Go to your Android device settings -> Apps -> Twist -> Notifications.
    2. See if "Block all" is active. If it is, turn it off.