Use Make with Twist

Make is a service that saves you time by automating workflows that you usually have to do manually. Here are a few sample workflows you can use with Make:

  • Every time you receive a new email, a new message is automatically posted into Twist.
  • Whenever you post a new Twist message, it's also posted to your favorite task manager.
  • Every time someone fills out a form, a thread is automatically posted in Twist.
Workflows can get as complex as you'd like! Check out the Make Twist integration page for more examples and details.

Setting up the integration

For now, you'll only be able to set up integrations on the web.
  1. Open Twist.
  2. Click your team icon in the top-left corner.
  3. Click Settings & members.
  4. Click Integrations.
  5. Open the Browse tab.
  6. Search for and select Make.
  7. (Optional) By default, your integration will only be installed for you. If you are an admin, you have the option to install the integration for your whole team. You can do this by clicking Change and then selecting your team.
  8. Click Add.

Using the integration

  1. Head over to Make's Twist integration page.
  2. You can click one of the ready-made workflows on the page, or create a new workflow using one of Twist's triggers:
    • Triggers will activate when a certain condition is met, such as "Watching a thread" which updates when a certain thread is updated. Or you can use one of Twist's actions, which activate when an action like "Post a message" occurs.
    • You can combine these triggers with triggers from other apps to create useful workflows for yourself.


I am having issues with this integration. What should I do?

This integration is managed by Make. Please contact the Make support team here.

Why am I unable to install this integration?

If you're having problems installing this integration, it may be because your admin has disabled this option in your team's security settings.