Twist for Windows Changelog

Version 0.1.3 (2019/07/30)

  • 🐛 Desktop notifications weren't showing up. This has been fixed.
  • You can now use debugging tools in Twist: press F5 to refresh or F12 to open the developer tools.

Version 0.1.2 (2019/05/23)

  • ⭐ You can now right click to see context menus with options for Copy, Cut, Paste, Save Image and Copy Link
  • ⭐ You can now zoom in and out of Twist using your favorite Windows keyboard shortcuts(Ctrl + and Ctrl - by default).
  • ⚙ You’ll now receive in-app updates more easily.
  • ⚙ Thanks to several small changes, you’ll notice performance and stability enhancements across the board.

Version 0.0.54

  • 🐛 You can no longer have multiple instances of the Twist app open at the same time.
  • 🐛 Updates will now work properly again.

Version 0.0.50

  • 🐛 A new login screen that should fix all the problems you may have had with Google login and CSRF token problems.

Version 0.0.33

  • 🐛 We've fixed a bug that would make system tray icon disappear.
  • ⚙  You can now see which version of Twist you're running by right-clicking the Twist icon in the system tray. Clicking the version number will take you to the latest changelog.

Version 0.0.32

  • ⭐ When closing and re-opening Twist for Windows, the app will now remember the last window position and size you used.