What happens to my content when my subscription ends? 

If your Unlimited subscription ends, either because it expired or because you decided to cancel it, you will automatically be downgraded to the Free plan. When this happens, keep the following in mind: 

In the free version of Twist, you will no longer have access to the full history of thread comments and messages. Additionally, you will no longer be able to view or search for thread comments and messages older than 30 days. 

However, all your team’s data will still be safely stored on our servers – nothing will ever be deleted. If you decide to upgrade to the Unlimited plan again later, you and your team will have full access to your Twist history.


Will I lose my data when I downgrade from the Unlimited to the Free plan?

No, your data will not be deleted from Twist. When you downgrade to the free version, your comments and messages older than 30 days will still be saved on our servers, but you won’t be able to view or search for them. 

Can I view my team’s full history of threads and messages again as soon as I re-subscribe?

Yes, when you re-subscribe to the Unlimited plan, you’ll immediately regain access to your team’s full thread and conversation history.