Use Slack with Twist

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that offers chat rooms (channels), organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging.

All content inside Slack is searchable, including conversations, links, files, and people, but it can sometimes be hard to keep track of these conversations. To keep your conversations more organized, you can use this integration to turn Slack chats into Twist threads or create new threads from within Slack. 

Setting up the integration

  1. Visit
  2. Click your team’s name.
  3. Click the Authorize button and sign in to your Twist account (if you haven’t already).

Using the integration

How to create new threads

  1. Type /twist in Slack to open the Create a thread in Twist window.
  2. Choose which channel to add the thread to and select if you want to notify everyone in the channel or no one.
  3. Type the thread subject, and write the thread content.
  4. When you’re done, click Create


Once a thread is created you can easily access it by clicking View thread in Twist.


Create new threads from Slack messages

  1. Add any Slack message as a new thread by clicking (or tapping on mobile) the three dots icon and selecting Create a thread.
  2. Choose which channel to add the thread to.
  3. Select if you want to notify anyone.
  4. Type the thread subject.
  5. When you’re done, click Create.2_turn-chats-into-decisions.jpg


I’m using multiple teams in Twist, can I create threads in any team?

With this integration, you can only create threads in channels of your default team. However, you can change your default team at any time.

The channel I’m looking for doesn’t show up in the drop-down. What now?

By default, the integration can only display a maximum of 100 channels. If the channel you’re looking for isn’t listed, you can search for it by typing its name when the drop-down menu is open.

Is there a way to notify specific team members when creating a new thread?

No, but we may add this option in the future.

How can I remove the integration?

If you no longer want to use Slack with Twist, here's how to remove the integration:

  1. Visit
  2. Next to Twist, click the trash icon.