How to work async, not ASAP

The way we work — constantly interrupted by emails, chat pings, and back-to-back meetings — isn’t working. If your team is burned out by a barrage of real-time, all-the-time communication, it’s time to try async. 

What is async communication?

Async means exchanges don’t happen in real-time — like meetings or instant messages — but rather on your own time. 

Remote work is done at any location. Async work is done at any time. Twist brings them both together — allowing you and your team to collaborate wherever and whenever works best for you.

Join the async revolution (currently only available in English).

How do you start?

Here are a few tips to transition from real-time chat to async team collaboration:

Move meetings to threads:

Free up precious calendar space by turning real-time meetings into async threads. Plus, everyone will be able to refer back to the information later. Start with one, like a weekly stand-up. 


You can post recurring threads with the Team Check-in automation, which you can install through your integrations settings.

Give all the details in threads:

Cut down on back-and-forths by sharing all the context and relevant links upfront and giving a clear call to action and deadline.

Schedule time for focused work:

Block off time for deep work where you fully focus on the task at hand. Turn off or snooze your notifications, or simply close Twist altogether. Don’t worry about missing out — your inbox makes it easy to catch up whenever you get back.

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