Get started in four steps

Here are the first steps you can take to make Twist feel like yours:

1. Create or join a channel

Channels keep your discussions organized, browsable, and findable. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. 

Try organizing channels by:

  • Department, to separate discussions out by team — like design, frontend, or mobile
  • Project, for tackling cross-department work
  • Client, if you’re part of an agency that works with outside teams

Screenshot of a Twist workspace with five channels, the product launch channel is on screen.

More channel inspiration

2. Compose your first thread

The magic of Twist happens in threads. Since every topic gets its own, you can keep conversations focused and organized. 

Start a thread to:

  • Brainstorm ideas for an upcoming project
  • Make a team-wide announcement
  • Move a weekly stand-up meeting to Twist

Screenshot of a thread called removing the typing indicator in both desktop and mobile.

Tag only the relevant people in your thread, instead of Everyone in channel. That way it will show up in the right inboxes — letting anyone else interested discover it on their time. 

When to use threads versus messages

3. Triage your inbox

Your inbox gathers all new thread activity you’ve been tagged in, so you can quickly catch up on what’s relevant to you. Open a thread to read, respond, and then mark it done until you hit Inbox Zero!

GIF of someone marking threads in their inbox done until they get to Inbox Zero and receive a message: freedom to work whenver, wherever.

Find all the threads you’ve already marked done in the Done view (hit G then E on your desktop, tap the filter icon from your inbox on your mobile device). You can also reference past threads, by hitting +.

4. Connect your tools

While Twist on its own is powerful, connected with your other apps it saves time and preserves focus. Hit O then S, then select Integrations to browse them all.

  • Turn comments into tasks with Todoist.
  • Schedule the (occasional) meeting with Zoom.
  • Create issues right from threads with GitHub.
  • Or build your own custom automations with Zapier.

Screenshot of the browse integrations tab in Twist settings where you can connect Calendly, GitHub, GitLab, Google Calendar, Jitsi, Skype, and Zoom.