What is the Inbox?

The inbox keeps track of every thread you’re involved in across all your channels. Check in every day to stay on top of everything that’s relevant to you.

How the Inbox works

Whenever you’re notified about a new thread or comment, it will show up in your Inbox. You can keep track of how many unread threads are in your inbox by the number beside the Inbox. 


  1. Inbox.
  2. Saved threads.
  3. List of all your Active threads.
  4. List of all the threads you've marked as Done.
  5. The three dots icon. If you click this icon while you're in the Active view, you'll see the options Mark all done and Mark all read.
  6. Your list of threads. You can see the thread's title, a preview of the latest post, as well as the channel the thread belongs to (in the right-hand side of the screen). Select any of the thread to open it.
  7. Your channel list. If you wish to leave your inbox and explore all the threads in a specific channel, you can simply select it from this list.

Tips for using the Inbox

  • If you read a thread and want to follow up with it later, leave it in your Active view. Once you've had time to process the thread, simply mark it as Done.
  • Save your really important threads by saving them. They’ll be updated in your Saved list (as well as your inbox).
  • You can also save important threads by directly adding them as a Todoist task.